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Confession of Debt Free Lifestyle


Father in the name of Jesus, we the members and worshippers of Prince Of Peace Evangelistic Center, confess your Word this day over all our financial concerns. Your Word declares that you will perfect all that concerns us. 


We thank you for the promise of wealth and financial prosperity because we honor you with our increase.  We have sown liberally and we expect to reap liberally in Jesus’ name.   


Your word says that we can decree a thing and it will be established unto us and the light of Divine Favor will shine upon our ways.  We do now declare and claim the promise of Favor for Supernatural debt cancellation and that we have unusual Favor with all our creditors and lending institutions. 


We decree and declare financial increase for the purpose of paying off our debts ahead of schedule.  We thank you Father that you are inspiring our minds with creative and resourceful ideas that will cause increase and promotion in our life and the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 


We declare this in Jesus Name, Amen

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